The World of Abstract Realism


Proudly presenting The World of Abstract Realism

‚Äč  What: Exhibition and sale of some of my latest paintings in which I have tried to convey my idea of Abstract Realism - where

              Reality and Abstraction come together in form of visual poetry.

  Where: Hijri, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

  When: 12 November 2014 through 18 November 2014.

  Time: 11:00 AM till 7:00 PM.

  The Premise: I believe there is a common misconception between all of us as to what Realistic and Abstract paintings are. We are

                         told that all that is descriptive is Realistic and all distorted is Abstract. I feel there is no such art as Realistic or



                         Art is Art; Art is beautiful. Any painting that makes you feel happy and gives you real joy is Art. Art is a visual

                         expression of one's feelings; it is not a mere collection thoughts but it is a form of poetry. 

                         Realism with a touch of Abstraction with full freedom of colors, forms and textures while not loosing sense

                         of proportion and harmony could create an interesting painting. So one can say - Realistic and Abstract art go hand in